Our Legal Fees

Our legal fees policy is simple. We ensure our clients see the value in the Service we provide first hand. Our rates are commercially realistic. Whilst we operate upon a time costing system, we also consider setting ceilings so clients can properly budget their legal fees for any particular transaction or matter.

If you have any questions regarding legal fees – please contact us.

Saving You Money

Nearly all lawyers charge for their services on a time costing basis. The more time the lawyer spends in gathering the information needed to manage your file, the higher the legal fees are likely to be. At P&B Law we have devised check lists of issues to be addressed in a wide variety of legal matters. If you consider these issues and then provide us with instructions, significant time savings can be achieved which will assist dramatically in keeping your legal fees to a minimum.

Call now on (03) 9692 9888 to request a checklist for your particular matter.