Commercial Documentation

Conducting business on a handshake can be very dangerous. All too often people try to improve the bargain after the deal has been concluded and the law does not always assist. Example: In Victoria, if you deliver goods to your customer and offer credit and the customer doesn't pay, you are not legally permitted to retrieve your goods! At P&B Law we draw standard documentation to best protect you from such potentially devastating problems.

  • Supply Agreements:

    • Terms of Trade;
    • Distribution Agreements;
    • Franchising Agreements;
    • Agency Agreements;
    • Licensing Agreements;
    • Commercial supply and/or maintenance agreements;
    • Confidentiality Agreements.

  • Structuring Agreements:

    • Partnership Agreements;
    • Shareholders Agreements;
    • Unit Holders Agreements;
    • Trust Deeds;
    • Joint Ventures.

  • Funding Agreements:

    • Loan Agreements;
    • Mortgages;
    • Security documents and charges;
    • Guarantees.

  • Combinations and variations of the above

  • Settlement/Transfer Deeds:

    • Dissolution of Partnerships
    • Shareholder/Unitholder Sale Agreements
    • Dispute Settlement Deeds

Please contact us to get professional advice if you have any questions regarding commercial documentation.

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Commercial Documentation

Supply, Structuring, Funding Agreements...

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