Experienced Property Conveyancers in Melbourne

Few matters in life carry as much weight as buying or selling real estate. Given the value and significance of these decisions, it’s critical you enlist the expertise of trained professionals. Our skilled property conveyancers utilise the latest conveyancing systems to ensure we carry out your conveyancing promptly and correctly—the first time.

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Conveyancing: Why you need the property experts

Buying or selling a property can be a complex process. When you hire one of our property conveyancers, we remove the complexity, making the process concise and hassle-free.

From preparing essential documents, reviewing contract conditions, arranging financial adjustments, and transferring property ownership, we ensure that every step of your purchase or sale is conducted with clear understanding and meticulous attention to detail. That way, you walk away with the desired outcome.

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Our complete property conveyancing services

No matter what stage of the buying or selling process you’re in, our expert team can guide and advise you on the best decisions to make. We tailor our advice based on your specific needs, always ensuring that the assistance we provide is detailed and thorough. Our comprehensive buying assistance includes:

  • Preparing, clarifying, and lodging legal documents
  • Conducting thorough property research
  • Setting up a trust account for the property deposit
  • Calculating rate and tax adjustments
  • Settling the property.
Our selling assistance includes:
  • Completing all legal documents and crafting the Contract of Sale
  • Representing you in all dealings with the vendor.

Need strategic legal advice or support for your property transactions? Get in touch with one of our expert property conveyancers today.

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Our expert lawyers are here to answer all your legal questions about business and property law. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for below, contact the team today.

For straightforward property transactions, a conveyancer is ideal, as they will take care of all matters throughout the transaction process. A solicitor might be needed if the transaction is complex or out of the ordinary.
Yes. Hiring a property conveyancing expert when you buy or sell a property ensures the process is smooth and compliant. A conveyancer guarantees you avoid costly legal mistakes and protects your rights and interests during the transaction.
The cost of property conveyancing depends on many factors, such as whether you’re buying or selling (or both), the transaction’s complexity, and the property’s location. At P&B Law, our property conveyancing experts provide clear and detailed quotes so that you understand what expenses you are liable for.

In Victoria, property conveyancing typically takes around 8-12 weeks. But, how long it takes will depend on the property’s chain, the parties' efficiency, and any unexpected issues that might affect the process.