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Your Trusted and Authorised Public Notary in Melbourne

If you’re dealing with overseas legal matters, notarial services are essential for authenticating a wide range of legal documents to be accepted in international jurisdictions. At P&B Law, we're dedicated to offering these vital services under the expert guidance of our Founding Partner, Lindsay Kotzman, a highly-regarded Public Notary in Melbourne. A Notary is an internationally recognised qualification for the formal appointment of a person of good standing. Lindsay's appointment on May 3rd 2016, as a Public Notary, is a testament to his extensive legal expertise and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of legal practice.

Verification of Legal Documents

At P&B Law, we offer accurate and reliable document verification globally with precision and legal efficacy. From government papers, commercial contracts, citizenship applications, foreign language documents, and even ship protests, we specialise in the certification and verification of a range of legal documents.

Preparation of Powers of Attorney

Power of attorney documents give individuals the legal right to make important decisions on behalf of others, often in delicate or critical situations. That's why our approach ensures that every power of attorney we prepare meets the specific needs and circumstances of our clients, providing clarity and legal solidity.

Proof of Identity Certificates or Qualifications

We help our clients navigate the complexities of identity verification, ensuring that their identity documents meet the necessary legal requirements for a range of applications, including international transactions and processes. We also specialise in the certification of the status of institutions and the qualifications of individuals.

Witnessing of Declarations

We offer a secure and legally compliant environment for the signing of declarations with an authorised public notary present, confirming their authenticity and legal standing. Our expertise in this area is crucial for clients who require official acknowledgement of their declarations for legal purposes.

Corporate Verification

For businesses operating in the international arena, we handle the verification of corporate documents, ensuring their legitimacy and acceptance in global markets. We help to safeguard businesses against legal pitfalls and enhance their professional standing in international dealings.

Dealing with Wills and Probate

Our notarial services also extend to the certification of copies of Wills and probate documents, providing an additional layer of legal validity and assurance in both domestic and international contexts, ensuring that all necessary documents are accurately and legally recognised.

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A public notary is a legally authorised official who can certify documents and perform a range of other administrative functions, often with international recognition. A notary is recognised by the Commonwealth Government (as a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention) to witness documents that can be relied upon by people in overseas countries.

Notarial services will often be required for the authentication of documents for use overseas, ensuring they are legally recognised in foreign jurisdictions.

A notary public can certify a wide range of documents, including legal contracts, educational qualifications, powers of attorney, wills, and corporate documents. The service can be provided to individuals, large and small businesses, lawyers, patent attorneys, banks and government bodies.

A public notary is primarily focused on matters with international implications, while a justice of the peace deals with domestic documents and minor judicial matters.

The duration varies depending on the nature of the document. Simple certifications may take a few minutes, while more complex tasks might take longer.