Mirella Rice

  • Bachelor of Translation and Linguistics – University of Concepcion (Chile)
  • Advanced Diploma in Operations Management - William Angliss Institute
  • Post Graduate Masters in Human Resources Management - RMIT

About Mirella Rice

Mirella has been involved in property law for over ten years managing all types of property conveyancing specializing in large scale subdivisional and off the plan developments.

Mirella started working at a property investment firm in the role of senior investment consultant during which she assisted in legal property transactions. In doing so Mirella discovered her passion for property transactions, she went on to study conveyancing and started working as a sole practitioner in 2005. While Mirella successfully grew her own practice in 2007 she was recruited by Lawson Hughes Peter Walsh Lawyers where she worked at for four years. Mirella went on to work with experienced property lawyer Adrian Colman of Colman Legal for a further seven years where she improved her knowledge and experience dealing with residential, commercial and large property transactions for developers.

In recent times property law has started transitioning into electronic conveyancing, Mirella was one of the first professionals to undertake extensive training in e-conveyancing to maintain her high professional standard and is an industry leader in the use of PEXA and Duties Online.
Mirella is an experienced Conveyancer who takes tremendous pride in all her work. She is dedicated to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations and to ensure that quality and personal service is offered to all clients. Mirella has a strong passion for mentoring and works hard to ensure that each staff member excels to enable them to meet their client’s needs.

Mirella is fluent in Spanish, which allows her to happily assist Spanish speaking clients.