Estate Planning can be a hard topic for many to approach as it is can be both emotionally draining to discuss one’s own passing or worse the passing of loved ones and also forces people to make difficult decisions. We at P&B Law fully understand this and are keen to work with everyone to help guide them through the process to help them achieve peace of mind.

At P&B Law we like to follow the following process:

  • Have an initial five-to-ten-minute conversation with one of our lawyers or experienced estate planning clerks to have a general discussion about Estate Planning.
  • Our office will issue the client with an Estate Planning Checklist to complete which is used to both help the client to start to think about matters and to assist us with gathering information.
  • We will have a meeting with the client either in person or over Zoom to discuss Estate Planning and to take initial instructions and to answer any questions which the client may have.
  • Our office will issue a letter of advice summaries the meeting including what was discussed, what was instructed to us and what matters required further information and consideration.
  • After the client has provided the outstanding information, we will prepare draft Estate Planning documents including Will, Statement of Wishes, Powers of Attorney and Binding Death Benefit Nomination.
  • Once the Estate Planning documents are approved, we will arrange for a meeting to take place, we will go through the Estate Planning documents one final time with the client and approved the client will sign and our office will witness.
Throughout the whole process the client is free to change their mind and instructions at any time and the team at P&B Law remain open to answer any questions.