When buying a business or any investment you want a structure that will suit your needs. You need to carefully consider control, taxation, protection of family assets and exposure to creditors. The wrong choice of structure will create problems including an obligation to pay more tax than is necessary or it may place your private assets at the risk of creditors.

At P&B Law we can help you make the right choice and then supply the company or trust structure that is best suited to your needs. Various types of business and investment structuring can include:

  • sole trader;
  • partnership;
  • company;
  • trustee company and trust;
  • incorporated joint venture; and
  • combinations and varieties of the above.

If your current structure is cumbersome, we may suggest a suitable variation or a structure more appropriate to your requirements. We then draw the appropriate technical documentation. Please contact us to get professional advice if you have any questions regarding business and investment structuring.