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Your will is one of the most important documents you’ll prepare in your lifetime, as it directs the distribution of your assets. It’s also a critical document in estate planning. At P&B Law, our expert team will advise and assist you in preparing simple or complex wills and estates so that every document is valid and upholds your wishes.

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Marriage and Divorce

While it mightn’t be at the forefront of your mind when you get married or divorced, it’s nevertheless vital that you update your will and estate to reflect these life changes. These adjustments can significantly impact asset distribution and the status of beneficiaries, possibly leading to unintended consequences, such as disputing heirs and potential legal battles.

Overseas Assets

With overseas assets, compliance is key, as each country has its own inheritance and tax legislation. If this asset class forms part of your will or estate, it’s critical that you seek expert legal advice to properly navigate these diverse laws. That way, you avoid inadvertent loss and ensure rightful asset distribution to beneficiaries.

Tax-effective Estate Planning

While tax is a certainty for all of us, if you plan your will and estate properly, you ensure optimal asset distribution and minimal tax burdens on heirs. By considering federal and state tax laws and with the right legal advice, you can safeguard beneficiaries' inheritances and preserve your estate’s value.

Business Succession Planning

Passing on or inheriting a business can be a complex process. Your will or estate must address matters of succession, asset distribution, and potential tax implications to ensure stability and continuity. At P&B Law, we’ll help you establish a clear, legally binding plan that respects your wishes and safeguards your company’s future.

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Guide To Preparing a Will

When you prepare a will, you prepare instructions for how you’d like your assets and property distributed This guide includes the essential information you’ll need, such as executor/s and alternative executor/s, guardians, and beneficiaries. Read our Guide To Preparing A Will
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Estate Planning Guide

As difficult as it can be to plan your estate, for various reasons, it’s crucial you take the time to structure it so that it honours your wishes and the wishes of everyone involved. At P&B Law, we guide you toward the right estate plan using the process outlined in our estate planning guide.

Read our Estate Planning Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our expert lawyers are here to answer all your legal questions about business and property law. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for below, contact the team today.

A will is a legal document that dictates how an individual’s properties and assets will be distributed after their death. It contains the names of all beneficiaries, designates guardians for minors (if necessary), and appoints an executor to administer the estate.

Estate planning is important because it provides a clear roadmap for managing and distributing your assets according to your wishes. It also helps to minimise potential disputes among heirs and reduce estate taxes. Hiring an expert estate planning lawyer ensures you protect your family’s financial future.
Yes, you can create a will without a lawyer. However, this is not something we recommend. A legal expert will help you navigate complex tax and legal issues, ensuring your will is compliant and safeguarded against potential issues.
It is recommended that you review and update your will or estate after major life events such as marriage, divorce, and substantial asset acquisition. In addition to these events, you should review your will or estate every 3-5 years to ensure it remains aligned with your wishes and circumstances.