The location of your business is a very important factor in its success. As a Tenant, it is important to ensure that the duration of the lease is sufficient to meet your long-term business objectives. If you are contemplating leasing a premises, we can guide you through the process and advise you on:

  • the Tenant’s and Landlord’s rights and obligations under the lease;
  • who should be named as a party to the lease;
  • the best structure for asset protection purposes;
  • how rent is to be calculated and reviewed under the lease;
  • what is the permitted use of the premises and whether the definition of the permitted use is too narrow or restrictive;
  • how outgoings are calculated;
  • the liability to contribute to the landlord’s outgoings;
  • any other payments required under the lease;
  • special or unusual terms or clauses;
  • repayable security deposit or guarantees required;
  • whether or not the lease contains an option to renew and or an option to assign;
  • your rights and obligations at end of lease; and
  • consequences of breaching lease conditions.

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