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Established in 1994, P&B Law was created with the aim to offer clients a quality and professional service in the areas of property and business law. Our experienced team of lawyers and legal clerks are experts in property and business law and have the skills and knowledge needed to provide our clients with quality legal advice across Australia.

At P&B Law our team can handle multiple legal issues ranging from providing expert property law advice, assisting with both domestic conveyancing and commercial conveyancing, guiding clients though all business transactions, preparation and reviewing of commercial leases for both landlords and tenants and commercial litigation, amongst others. Contact us today for a quick response to your query.

The Value of Good Communication

Our clients are the focus at P&B Law, so we are dedicated to providing excellent service and communication. Our priority at all times is on maintaining good communication with clients to ensure that they are kept up to date with all the advances in their legal matters as transactions progress. Our team can be reached by phone, fax or email. Clients can also establish an instant communication with us via our website.

As a firm, we are dedicated to delivering the highest professional service according to our mission statement and strive to provide to our clients:

  • Exemplary and confidential legal advice provided in a comfortable and friendly environment;
  • A practical and common-sense approach to any legal services or negotiations;
  • Prompt service personalised by experienced lawyers and legal clerks; and
  • Regular communication via phone or email on any updates to your legal matter.

Key Practice Areas

Business Law

Our office can assist with all of your Business Law needs. Business Law is the area of legal practice that encompasses all of the laws that dictate how to form and run a business. This includes how to start, buy, manage and close or sell any type of businesses and associated corporate structures.

Property Law

Our office can assist with all of your property development needs ranging from structuring the purchase of the property, negotiating the contract to structuring the financing of the purchase. We also deal with planning issues, negotiating building contracts, liaising with surveyors, advising on subdivision issues and body corporate rules, preparing sale contracts and assisting in marketing the property.


In business it is often inevitable that some disputes will arise from time to time with customers, employees, partners, suppliers or competitors amongst others and our office can assist in such matters. We work hard to offer the most commercially practical solution to matters by utilising negotiations, alternative dispute resolutions and litigation to achieve the best and most timely results for our clients.

Wills and Estates

Our office can assist in preparing Wills setting out to family and friends how you want your assets to be dealt with and love ones looked after upon your passing. We can also assist in preparing Powers of Attorney setting out who you want to make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer physically or mentally capable. Additionally, upon passing away of a loved one we can assist with making Probate / Letters of Administration application and the administration of the Estate.


Buying and Selling Real Estate, either for home or investment, is a serious matter. Mistakes can be costly. No matter what the media tell you, conveyancing is best left in the hands of the trained professional – Property Lawyer. At P&B Law all conveyancing matters are carried out by properly qualified Property Lawyers.

Commercial Leasing

Our office can assist both Landlords or Tenants in the preparation, negotiation, review and execution of a commercial lease and disclosure statement. A commercial lease gives to the Tenant exclusive possession to a Premises in return for rent and other promises given to the Landlord,the terms of the commercial lease govern this relationship and the rights of the Landlord and the Tenant towards each other.

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