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Property developers make up a considerable part of our clientele. That’s why we assist with every aspect of the property development process. Everything from structuring the property purchase to negotiating the contract, arranging the finance, and more. Our experience locally and in Asia makes our firm the smart choice for developers looking to market their properties overseas.

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Comprehensive property development guidance

At P&B Law, we’re known for our attention to detail, particularly concerning property development. Our team of experienced property development lawyers can guide you through every step of the process, from acquiring to structuring to financing to design and consultation.

It’s not just the major aspects of the property development process either. We deal with planning issues, negotiate building contracts, liaise with surveyors, and advise on body corporate rules and subdivision issues. Then, we prepare simple, detailed contracts that give you peace of mind and ensure your future property is in safe hands.

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Our property development services

When you decide to develop a property, it’s critical that you seek expert advice for each step of the process to ensure matters are dealt with smoothly and promptly. At P&B Law, our property development lawyers can guide and assist you through every aspect of property development, including:

  • Acquiring the property
  • Structuring the development
  • Financing
  • Design and Consultation
  • Sales and off-the-plan contracts
  • Building contract
  • Subdivision
  • Owners corporation establishment, rules, and issues
  • Settlement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our expert lawyers are here to answer all your legal questions about business and property law. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for below, contact the team today.

Property development is buying land or property, improving it through renovations or building, and then selling or leasing it. This includes commercial, industrial, and residential properties.
Common legal issues during property development include land disputes, contract breaches, permit delays, and financing issues. To avoid such problems, it’s critical that you enlist the help of expert property lawyers during the development process.
Zoning is critical to property development as it dictates how you use land. Zoning ensures the land meets health and safety measures, helps promote community growth, and protects property value.

Yes. It’s within your rights to appeal or challenge a zoning decision. Before you do so, you should seek expert legal advice. At P&B Law, our property development experts can advise you on the best strategy for appealing a zoning decision.