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Questions to ask when buying land in Victoria

Buying land is a considerable investment decision that can lead to your dream home or a significant development project. That's why it's crucial to approach the process with diligence and well-informed questions. You'll need to take into account the legal, environmental, and regulatory requirements that come with purchasing vacant land.

Our expert property lawyers and conveyancers have provided the essential questions and considerations that can guide you through the crucial aspects of buying land in Victoria, ensuring your decision aligns with your building plans and investment goals.

What should I look into if I'm buying a block of land and building later?

Verify zoning and planning permissions

Get in touch with the local council to investigate whether you are permitted to build on the land and what type of building is allowed. Zoning laws in Victoria dictate land use and can restrict certain types of developments, which could impact your building plans.

Whether you're looking to build apartments, dwellings, factories, or commercial offices, ensuring you can successfully obtain a planning permit is essential for avoiding future legal and regulatory hurdles.

Conduct soil testing

A soil test will determine the land's suitability for building by assessing its composition and stability, which can significantly impact construction costs and feasibility. Undertaking a soil test before signing the contract is highly recommended. Otherwise, you could make the contract subject to a satisfactory soil test result.

Investigate building costs

Building costs should be a significant factor in your decision to purchase vacant land. Estimating these costs in advance will help you assess the overall affordability and viability of your project, ensuring that your investment aligns with your financial capabilities and goals.

How does GST affect the purchase of land?

Considering your GST position is critical. You need to know whether the property is being sold inclusive or exclusive of GST. Ensuring the contract clearly addresses GST is essential to avoid unexpected costs later on.

Your comprehensive checklist for buying a block of land

Our expert property lawyers have put together a comprehensive checklist to ensure a thorough review before you buy vacant land:

  • Review the contract
  • Get expert legal advice
  • Research the market
  • Plan budgets and funding
  • Confirm rates, taxes, and government charges
  • Inspect the land and surrounding area
  • Look into zoning and town planning
  • Measure the land
  • Document all promises in writing
  • Check for any restrictions or easements
  • Understand settlement terms.

When you're buying a block of land in Victoria, armed with the right questions and the right legal advice, you can navigate the complexities of land purchase with confidence. Understanding these key aspects ensures that your investment is both secure and aligned with your vision for future development.

Please note: The information covered in this guide is general and should never be substituted for professional legal advice. Contact us for further information.