Your complete guide to selling property in Victoria

Our comprehensive Property Selling Guide is your roadmap for navigating the legal complexities involved with selling houses, apartments, commercial properties, or blocks of land. From understanding your legal responsibilities to ensuring a smooth property transaction, this resource provides the insights and practical tips you need.

We'll address the specific opportunities and challenges when selling different types of property in Melbourne, providing you with the confidence to make informed decisions and secure the best possible outcome for your property sale.

Selling Residential Property

Gain invaluable insights into preparing your home for sale, understanding your legal responsibilities as a seller, and ensuring all financial and logistical aspects are addressed for a seamless property transaction.

Selling an Apartment or Townhouse

Learn the specifics of selling communal living spaces, including navigating Owners Corporation rules, understanding the importance of common property, and managing lease agreements.

Selling Commercial and Industrial Property

Explore the unique aspects of selling commercial or industrial properties, such as understanding potential buyers' considerations like zoning compliance, lease disclosures, and GST implications.

Selling a Block of Land

This guide covers the key considerations when selling vacant land, including zoning and planning permissions, council restrictions, contamination issues, and the importance of clear GST documentation.

Please note: The information covered in this guide is general and should never be substituted for professional legal advice. Contact us for further information.