Purchasing a business can be a complex undertaking fraught with hidden traps. Businesses vary greatly in their character and scope and each purchase is unique. It is important to understand right from the start why the seller is selling the business and whether as a potential buyer you have the skills and experience to successfully operate the business. You should always contact us prior to signing any contract.

At P&B Law we can guide you through the purchase of the business to ensure that you get what you have been promised, highlight issues to ensure that you do not pay more than necessary and advise you on all aspects of the purchase including:

  • assisting with due diligence and reviewing documentation provided by the Vendor;
  • reviewing Heads of Agreement and Sale Agreement;
  • assisting in the negotiations with the Vendor;
  • dealing with the Landlord and the transfer of Lease;
  • completing searches to ensure unencumbered title to the assets of the business; and
  • advising on adjustments; and
  • assisting with settlement and registration.

This list is not exhaustive and you should consult a properly qualified legal professional before signing any contract. Our lawyers can assist you in minimising the risks involved in buying a business by reviewing the relevant material provided the Vendor and ensuring that the agreed terms and properly incorporated and documented in the Agreement.

We also offer advice in regards the most suitable business structure and protection of your personal assets. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a business – please contact us for prompt service.