At P&B we can advise you on challenging and contesting a Will where you believe that:

  • the Will was incorrectly executed or administered;
  • the Will maker was incapable of making a Will or executed the Will under duress from others; and
  • the Will maker made insufficient provisions for a spouse, children or other dependants which the Will maker has a moral obligation to provide for.

Contesting the validity or interpretation of a Will can be costly and complex and there are strict timelines which must be followed.

Are you concerned about how your estate will be handled? Maybe it’s the estate of a deceased relative you are concerned about. One of the best ways to review the handling of an estate is to get assistance from an Estate Disputes Lawyer. Here at P&B Law, our team can assist you in making a claim and protecting your entitlements. Our Estate Dispute Lawyers can represent you throughout the process of making a claim. They can also represent you during mediation and court proceedings.

You may also be concerned about matters that occurred before a deceased family member or loved one passed away. If something doesn’t sit right with you when it comes to the sale or gift of an estate, there is something you can do about it. Our Estate Dispute Lawyers can review all details of the will and estate to see if anything can be deemed unlawful or unjust.