Conveyancing Made Easy

Conveyancing in simple terms is the legal process involved in transferring property between a buyer and seller. It starts as soon as your offer on a property is accepted and does not finish until the sale is finalised and the buyer receives the keys. Generally, a solicitor or conveyancer conducts the process although DIY conveyancing is on the rise in popularity. However, the entire legal process is highly complicated and it is recommended that any local buyer hire a professional property lawyer for Melbourne properties. As a conveyancer is an important part of your purchase process, it is important to ensure you are receiving the right service. Always consider the reputation of your conveyancer, along with what he will provide. Any good conveyancer in Melbourne should perform the following duties and steps for his client during the entire process.

  • Protecting his client. Every conveyancer should be focused on your needs and ensuring your interests are not compromised, bar any legal issues.
  • Keeping their client in the loop at all times during the conveyancing process, any developments in the transactions and any legal changes that could potentially affect them.
  • Providing sound legal advice, this is particularly relevant when you have hired a property lawyer, as they will have access to legal knowledge a business conveyancer may not.
  • They should be able to advise their client about any changes to notice periods, anything impacting the settlement figure and any penalties related to changes
  • Hold phone calls or meetings with their clients to explain clauses in documentation clearly, and ensure their clients fully understand the process, thus ensuring there are no later inconsistencies due to misunderstandings.
  • To carefully prepare all legal documents and deeds, lodged at the appropriate offices to minimise chances of error.
  • Informing his client when the transaction is completed and handing over a record of the finances involved within a few days of finishing.

A conveyancer performs an important role in purchasing or selling property, so carefully consider and decide on your company, long before their role is essential. If you have any concerns or queries regarding conveyancing, come talk to our professional lawyers today.

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