Employment Law

With ever-changing laws relating to employment, it is almost impossible to ensure the employment relationships you enter into are legally binding and enforceable.

For example, the Fair Work Ombudsman is continually reviewing and modifying an employee’s minimum entitlements through the National Employment Standards. These laws are highly complicated and technical for most business owners, so it is vital to receive the right advice. Given the differences between states, it is important that local businesses look for employment lawyers in Melbourne. This gives both employees and employers confidence that they are legally protected and compliant with all the important legal requirements.

As a business, small or large, your employees are one of your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most unpredictable aspects of running a business. To ensure that you are always legally protected it is important that you have regularly updated employment contracts, covering all the areas that are specifically relevant to your business. Your employment lawyer in Melbourne should also include aspects of intellectual property, role duties, leave rights and a range of other areas to ensure your contracts are as strong as possible.

Employment Law

At P&B Law we prepare contracts of employment in simple English which are enforceable in a dispute. Our contracts are set out so to be easily understood by managers, employers and your employees. So everyone fully understands where they legally stand according to their rights and responsibilities. Make sure your employment lawyers in Melbourne, consider these aspects when drawing up your employment agreements:

  • Salary
  • Duties
  • Benefits
  • Leave
  • uperannuation
  • Rules
  • Confidentiality
  • Termination
  • Restraint of Trade

This list is not exhaustive and you must consult a properly qualified legal professional before entering into an employment agreement.

All employment lawyers from Melbourne will set up an employment contract that clearly sets out the legal responsibilities of both parties. At P&B Law, we also structure all the employment contracts to cover future legal changes. Due to the changeable nature of employment law, it is also important that these contacts are regularly adjusted to ensure your business is meeting its legal requirements.

We are experts in structuring contracts so they are enforceable if disputed. With this experience also ensures we are able to be consulted if there are any employment issues.

At P&B Law we also handle unfair dismissal cases based on contracts we did not create. As an employee, if you believe your employment was ended unfairly, harshly or unreasonably, then it is time to consult unfair dismissal lawyers. In the matter of employee vs employer cases, it is important that the business itself should seek out specialised unfair dismissal lawyers to ensure they have the best counter-case.

If you are looking at employment lawyers in Melbourne, contact us for professional advice. We can answer all your questions regarding employment law.

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