The 6 Key Traits of an Effective Litigation Lawyer

You will require the help of an experienced litigation lawyer if you are involved in a dispute that is brought before the courts. An experienced lawyer will present your side of the case in a way that maximises your chance of receiving a favourable outcome. Litigation is a financial and emotional challenge, so it is important to hire the right lawyer to guide you through the entire process.P&B Law has many years’ experience in litigation and believes the most effective lawyers share six key traits:

  • Competency: A strong working knowledge of both the operation of the courts and their rules. It is also extremely important to know and understand the law surrounding the issues in dispute, and it’s practical application to everyday life. Having this broad spectrum of legal knowledge vitally assists in understanding the various factors which can affect the outcome of a case.
  • Credibility: A trait developed over time, credibility is the foundation of a quality reputation. Experienced lawyers understand that their reputation can form the cornerstone of effective representation. Credibility is created through every move of a litigation lawyer; in the promises they make and the appointments they keep.
  • Civility: Lawyers who truly understand their field, appreciate that litigation does not have to confrontational. Sometimes the most powerful tool in a lawyer’s arsenal is civility. Hostile tactics undermine the long-term ability to persuade. Anger or intimidation can detract from key facts or witnesses and potentially harm the client’s case in the event of a settlement.
  • Confidence: Frequently litigation lawyers need to present and think quickly without being completely certain of the facts. Not only does this require high levels of confidence it also requires litigators to learn to translate information into decisive action quickly. A confident lawyer is regarded highly by clients, providing an energy that speeds settlements, trials and puts clients at ease.
  • Curiosity: The best lawyers are curious about a variety of topics beyond the law. Not only does this lead to innovative solutions, but it also keeps the field of litigation fresh and exciting. Life experiences also provide lawyers with the ability to relate to clients, judges and juries in a grounded and realistic manner.
  • Solution finder: The most effective litigator pursues a solution and does not consider beating their opponent the ultimate goal in a litigation case. Litigators with this trait are the best solicitors to approach when a case appears unwinnable at first glance. They look for all manner of outcomes to protect your position and avoid a lengthy and expensive trial. If you have a strong case, they will push it to an outcome where you get the result you seek.

Regardless of your litigation case, whether it relates to commercial or property matters, consider P&B Law for your next matter. Our team of experienced property dispute lawyers and litigation experts will help you achieve your desired outcome.

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

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