What is the role of a conveyancer? All you need to know.

Conveyancing comes into play when it comes to both buying and selling property.
A professional conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor, assists individuals with settlement and title transfers, whilst ensuring that their client is meeting all of the legal requirements and expectations throughout the conveyancing process.

At P&B Lawyers we pride ourselves on looking after many of our clients when it comes to any particular conveyancing needs.

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a professional conveyancer.


The primary role of a professional conveyancer is to plan and draw up all of the necessary legal documentation that is needed for any real estate transaction.

If selling a property, the conveyancer will develop a Contract of Sale. This contract will cover any special needs and conditions you require to avoid conflicts later.

The conveyancer will also prepare a Vendor’s statement which includes conducting all of the title and planning searches that will be included in the final statement. This will be done to ensure that you have met all of the disclosure obligations and have followed laws within your state/territory throughout the selling process.


A professional conveyancer aims to lift all of the legal work and stress off your shoulders and provide you with efficient and thorough legal advice and guidance when it comes to either buying or selling a property.

When selling a property any special conditions that may need to be included in the Contract of Sale will be advised to you by your conveyancer. Additionally, a conveyancer will also guide their client on what specific legal documents they need to provide and give to the buyer to officially complete the settlement. The conveyancer will have all documentation ready and prepared on the settlement date and keep everything organised.

If buying property, a conveyancer working with the buyers will advise them on any terms and conditions that are covered in the contract of sale and will highlight any key points that need careful observation.

The conveyancer will read through the contract of sale and point out any other planning restrictions and details like costs and other payments before the settlement date, that may need attention, and will ensure that the contract is thoroughly read and approved before it is signed by the buyers.


A professional conveyancer will work toward putting together all the final details and documents of the settlement process.

When selling property, the conveyancer will coordinate and plan an ideal time and date for the settlement with the buyer’s conveyancer. This date will then be logged in the Contract of Sale. After the settlement date has been reached, the conveyancer will then get in touch with the real estate agent and organise the key hand over to the buyers.

When buying property, will work with the seller’s conveyancer/solicitor and facilitate a time that works to achieve the settlement process effectively. In addition, the conveyancer will contact your bank and provide them with any necessary cheque details and information, otherwise if you have the funds available on hand, these will need to be brought to the conveyancer 24 hours prior to settlement.

Then they will organise the key handover to you.

Seeking professional conveyancing if you are buying or selling a home is imperative, as a specialised conveyancer will manage all details, documents and processes effectively, thoroughly and will ensure that you are meeting all legal obligations and requirements without running into potential issues along the way.

You can be guaranteed efficient, thorough and organised conveyancing at P&B lawyers.
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